More about the book

More about the book

Chapter One of the book was first published in 1991 under the title “And That’s How it Began” in the literary journal Alpayim.
The Hebrew version of Crossing The River (Lahazot et Hanahar, 303 pp.) appeared in November 1999,  by Carmel and Yad Vashem publishing houses   to considerable acclaim. The first edition was sold out in 4 months and a second edition, was  issued in May 2000. The third and revised edition appeared in April  2003. The fourth enlarged edition of the book was issued in 2011.

Following two consecutive visits by the author in Lithuania, he published an essay “Back to The River” (Kerem, Creative Explorations in Judaism, Washington DC, Nov. 2007). Its wider version was included as an epilogue In the English version of the book.

 On May 2007 the English translation of the book was approved for

 publication by The Alabama University Press. The book has been published on November 2008, and released for sale on March 2009.

  Since its publication in English, more than a dozen  positive reader reviews of Crossing the River have appeared in .

On a book tour across the USA during April-May 2009 the author  gave 17 talks about the book in six major cities. The lecture at the Jewish Genealogical Society in New York was filmed and can be watched on YouTube. ( See:

With the first edition of the book nearly sold out by 2013, a second, soft cover edition, is being planned.

A German edition is in preparation in 2013 as well.

Since publishing the Hebrew edition Eilati has received hundreds letters

 and telephone calls from readers who were deeply moved by the book. Several reviews have appeared in the press, and a special evening was devoted to the book by Yad Vashem, with active

 participation by scholars and public figures. Similar evenings were

 held at the Bar-Ilan and Tel-Aviv universities, and Yad Ben-Zvi Institute.

Enclosed herewith are a number of reviews: An essay by

Prof. Avner Holzmann of the Tel-Aviv University, based on his lecture

at an evening devoted to the book; letters by prominent Israeli

 authors such as A.B. Yehoshua, Amos Oz and Chanoch Bartov, as well of

 the famous painter Samuel Bak, and by Myra Sklarew, writer, poet and teacher  of literature.

 Also the main reviews by the referees of The Alabama University Press are enclosed. (Please see : ” Selective Reviews”)

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