Remembering the Holocaust


Ghetto Kovno



Map of Kovno Ghetto,1941-1944

(C) Shalom Eilati,2010


The ghetto was reduced in four phases (A – E  the full ghetto);

Phase A – The removal of the small ghetto and the wooden bridge, October 1941

B – The Northwest suburb removal, January 1942

C – Another north removal

D – The removal of Slobodka, December 1943

E –  The rest – final shrunken ghetto, until its total destruction on July 13, 1944.

In addition – my personal route:

1. Our first living location in the ghetto

2. Our next living location

3. Crossing the river ( April 12, 1944)

4. Hiding place on Green Hill

5. Filz-Fabrik – my mother’s workplace

6. My mother’s possible route to visit her children

7. My sister’s hiding place


 The End of the Ghetto, as seen on August 1944


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